Yu Gi Oh Box Prototype

Yu-Gi-Oh Sigurture.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a children's card game. It is a game wildly popular thoughout Japen, Eurpoupe, and North America.

There are different types of cards:

Monsters- The attackers which take out the oppoent. They have attack and defense points. If a monster with higher attack points attacks one with lower points, the one with the higher points wins. These cards also have types of Cretures (Warriors, Spellcasters, Beast, etc.).

  • Normal Monsters- Monsters with no uniqe abilities.
  • Effect Monsters- A Monster that can effect a match or just a single monster. It can also effect Magic and Trap cards as well.
  • Fusion Monsters- A Monster that either have can have no effects or effect. This monster can only be summoned by a Magic card called Polymerzation or anything related to it. It also reguires 2 monsters or more.

Magic Cards- These types of cards can expan to monsters, traps, magic cards themselves, life points, and so on. These are esstinel to the Yu-Gi-Oh world and a player's deck.

Trap Cards- These types of cards usually work on Magic and Monster. They cause a player to not draw a card a turn or destory a monster. These cards are the only type that can't be activated during the player's turn.


  • Deck must be 40 cards. Some cases might be up to 55 cards.
  • Draw 1 card a turn.
  • 4000 life points is the tradisional limit. When a player's life points reachs zero, they lose.
  • 5 monsters and 5 Magic/Trap cards can be on the field.

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