Exploding onto the WWE scene in the mid 1990s, the colorfully masked Rey Mysterio quickly redefined the
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way the game was played in the ring. From his awe-inspiring West Coast Pop to his trademark 619, Mysterio is on the cutting edge of excellence. The definitive high-flying Superstar, Mysterio, despite his size, is an innovative underdog that fans of all ages have grown to respect and love.

Rey's impressive championship resume ranks up there with the all-time greats. His World Championship reign complimented eight Cruiserweight Championships, four WWE Tag Team Championships and one Royal Rumble win.

Becoming a World Champion is something he aspired to do all his life. While growing up in San Diego, Rey Mysterio always wanted to be a Superstar. As a young teenager, he followed his dreams by training in the unpredictable and high-flying Mexican Lucha Libre style of wrestling. His training and early career in Tijuana, Mexico, led him to an even bigger stage -- first in ECW and then WCW where he revolutionized the fast, high-impact style you now associate with The Master of the 619.

Rey had several memorable matches in his short time with ECW, but his first national exposure came in WCW, where he debuted in early 1996. It didn't take long for Mysterio to make his mark in WCW, as he defeated Dean Malenko in July ‘96 to capture the first of his eight Cruiserweight Championships.

Upon his WWE debut in 2002, Rey joined the SmackDown roster. From day one, Mysterio formed a strong bond with the show, even after his departure to Monday Night Raw.

Despite an obvious size disadvantage, Mysterio has boldly taken on all comers over the years including the late, great Eddie Guerrero, Kane, Big Show, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, The Great Khali, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio

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