For weeks, the WWE Universe was teased of the arrival of a new force to be reckoned with in the Diva division. As each week passed, Kharma’s presence became more callous and sinister – ripping heads and body parts off dolls with no regard. Kharma, as the videos showed, was not your typical Diva.

Finally, with a ruthless laugh and the complete disfigurement of a blonde doll, Kharma’s face was revealed to the WWE Universe in the last of her foreboding and sadistic videos.

The WWE Universe stood in shock and awe as Kharma debuted at 2011's Extreme Rules pay-per-view annihilating Michelle McCool with a lifting underhook facebuster. They had never seen anything like her walk down the entrance ramp before, and quite possibly, will never see anything like the spine-chilling Kharma again set foot in the ring.

At almost 6 feet tall and nearly 300 pounds, the maniacal Diva towers over the women's locker room, bringing an imposing and commanding presence. Her stare is bloodcurdling and her laugh unnerving.

Quite simply, the Diva division has been put on notice.