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inFamous 2 is the sequel to inFamous. It was first hinted by the Portuguese PlayStation: The Official Magazine, with a new coverage story being published in the next month's issue. The hint shows two eyes drawn in the style of inFamous's comic-style scenes, and the quote, "The announcement of a great PlayStation 3-exclusive sequel in the next ROPS," can be roughly translated. The eyes are Cole's from the ending sequence before the credits of inFamous, and the fact that it is a "PlayStation 3-exclusive sequel" makes inFamous 2 an almost definite. It was released in North America on June 7, 2011.

In early reports during E3, the main character, Cole has been shown to have changed his original outfit, the short sleeves revealing tattoos on his arms, and grown his hair longer. The concept art shows Cole with a good aligned karma. Also, it has been revealed that inFamous 2 will take place in a new city called New Marais, similar to New Orleans, with different enemies. The surviving gang leaders from inFamous, such as Sasha or Alden, will not make an appearance.