Super Buu Vs. SuperSayain 3 Goku


Dragon Ball Z
is a anime series which is a sequel to Dragon Ball. This anime revolusionize animes everywhere and has a very good reputation. This series revoles around the hero Goku, a sayian from the Planet Vegeta sent to Earth originally to destory but knock his head as a baby and forgot that programming, as he goes around Earth and even space to keep peace.

Season 1Edit

This is the shortest season in the series. In this season, it starts off with the arrival of Goku's brother, Raditz, who came from Frizea's Space Station to see his progress of Earth's destruction and if it's ready for sale to Frieza. Disappointed at what he sees, he tracks down Goku and informs him he is his brother and he desends from a race of super humens called Saiyians. He then kidnaps his son, Gohan and flies off. This forces him to join with his previous rival, Piccolo, to fight Raditz and get his son back. Once they find Raditz, they start to battle. However they find themselves in a problem due to Raditz uncomprihenable speed and strength. Even Goku's siguture Kamehameha wave is no use against him. After that, Raditz sends a energy wave towards them and blows off Piccolo's arm. Because of this, Piccolo is limited to fighting and using special powers- execpt for one.....

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